This is what happens to millions of dogs in China – sign the petition!

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As things currently stand, millions of dogs are treated like this every year in China. I hope that by gathering as many signatures as we can we will be able to pursue the Chinese government to implement animal welfare laws that will help stop this type of behavior.

Probably the worst part of it all is the fact that the dog is fully conscious as he barks continously, begging to be rescued, but sadly there is no one there for him. I can’t even begin to imagine what this dog had to go through in his final moments on Earth!

Unfortunately, such type of treatment has started to become the new normal in China, where millions of dogs fall victims to the meat and fur trade.

Let’s start with the first: dog meat is considered a highly nutritional and delicious dish. Dog meat can be found without any problems whatsoever in public markets, in restaurants or on the side of the road. According to various cooks, the idea to get the best taste out of your dog is to make it suffer as much as possible, because the rush of adrenaline released into the boy tends to soften the meat. Dogs involved in this trade are either stray animals or stolen pets (some still with their name tags around their necks). It should come as no surprise that China is the host of the biggest dog eating festival in the world, held in the southern city of Yulin each year, in June, to celebrate the Summer Solstice. Over 15, 000 dogs are brought from all over the country and cooked for this 10-day event.

Entrepreneurs have also started so-called fur farms, which quite recently have started to include dogs as well. Rounded off the streets, the canines are highly regarded for their fur, which is ultimately processed and sold to high-end fashion companies. Because China has no animal welfare laws, dog fur is intentionally mislabeled; the only why to know which animals the fur belongs to is by conducting expensive DNA tests; the products containing Chinese dog fur are eventually sold to unsuspecting customers in luxury stores all over the world.

The need for animal welfare laws in China is imperative and this issue should constitute a priority for the Chinese government. Please take action and urge the officials in Beijing to stop ignoring this matter!

Besides signing and sharing the petition, please try to get in touch with the Chinese embassy or your country of origin and tell them that animals have rights!

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This is the fate of millions of dogs in China

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Support animal rights in China – sign and share this petition!

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