McCain Releases Devastating Statement About Death – Friends & Family Flock To Bedside

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John McCain has been put through the political ringer since he decided to become a part of the Arizona state senate. Through mega mistakes like choosing Sarah Palin to run as his Vice President in 2008, and major headlines like his now infamous thumbs down vote that essentially stopped the repeal of Obamacare, John McCain has led a career unlike most.

McCain served in the Vietnam War as a naval pilot, where he became a prisoner of war after his Skyhawk dive bomber was shot down. This left McCain with a broken leg and two broken arms; wounds that would be left mostly untreated, leading to permanent disabilities like a very limited range of motion.

McCain spent 5.5 years in captivity in North Vietnam. He said this about his capture:

“I was taken into a cell and put on the floor. I was still on the stretcher, dressed only in my skivvies, with a blanket over me. For the next three or four days, I lapsed from conscious to unconsciousness. During this time, I was taken out to interrogation—which we called a “quiz”—several times. That’s when I was hit with all sorts of war-criminal charges. This started on the first day. I refused to give them anything except my name, rank, serial number and date of birth. They beat me around a little bit. I was in such bad shape that when they hit me it would knock me unconscious. They kept saying, ‘You will not receive any medical treatment until you talk.’”

Decades later, John McCain is still fighting for his life. After being diagnosed with Glioblastoma in 2017, the war hero has put up a struggle like no other, and through it all, he remained the patriot he’s always been. This hasn’t stopped the president of the United States from mocking him and his war injuries multiple times.

Now, McCain is seemingly at the end of his fight against this aggressive form of brain cancer. In an excerpt from his upcoming book, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and other Appreciations, McCain said this:

“Maybe I’ll be gone before you hear this. My predicament is, well, rather unpredictable. But I’m prepared for either contingency or at least I’m getting prepared. I’m freer than colleagues who will face the voters again. I can speak my mind without fearing the consequences much. And I can vote my conscience without worry.”

The book will be released on May 22nd, but McCain seems to think he may not have enough time left to see his memoir come to fruition. This news is devastating to Americans, Democrat and Republican alike (except for cadet bone spurs) who hold McCain is high esteem.

TIME Magazine reported:

“McCain, 81, had hoped to return to the Senate, where he’s served since 1987. He has been unable to do so after cancer treatment and surgery for an intestinal infection last month. Despite that, he’s finished work on a new book being released May 22, “The Restless Wave.” And he continued to advocate for a return to the days when partisans could disagree without demonizing each other.”

According to NPR:

“McCain wants to celebrate the America he knew — or perhaps only imagined — in the full flower of its global pre-eminence. Call it heritage or call it myth, it is a concept of America that McCain clearly feels he personifies, and one he senses is passing even as he reaches the end of his own life.”

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