BREAKING: Sources Reveal Top Aide In Trump Admin Abruptly Quits (DETAILS)

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Scott Pruitt is the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency — and he’s been actively gutting it to line the pockets of his aides and to further the agenda of special interest groups.

Earlier last month, Pruitt approached the White House to establish salary gains for two of his top aides. When his request was denied, he took advantage of a provision that essentially allowed him to rehire his aides with new contracts and salaries. This fraudulent move was done without White House oversight, and has spotlighted the favoritism and essentially money laundering by many in Trump’s Cabinet.

One of the top aides in the EPA has recently jumped ship, according to two sources close to the agency.

Samantha Dravis Resigns
Dravis was the senior counsel and one of the EPA’s associate administrators — and she was also one of Pruitt’s closest assistants. Davis released a statement, noting that she has been honored to “serve in this role at EPA,” wishing her fellow aides and Pruitt the very best.

Other Pruitt Scandals
Pruitt has been the focus of mounting questions, especially since he has been found staying at a Capitol Hill condo that is co-owned by lobbyists representing energy and fossil fuel companies — the companies that he is supposed to reel in via the EPA.

Last week, police had to tear down the glass door at the Capital Hill condo after his security detail was not able to get ahold of him via phone calls or knocking on the door. Fearing that he needed saving, security called the police, and they were able to get to Pruitt. He was found inside, napping and groggy.

Trump has decided to defend Pruitt. During a White House meeting, he rallied around Pruitt, saying that he hopes that “he’s going to be great.” The White House confirmed that Trump called Pruitt, ensuring that his job is safe, encouraging him to “keep fighting.”

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