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If the Republican Party learned anything from the powerful protests of students across the country demanding action on gun violence, it’s that America’s children are far smarter than they think. Children are becoming more aware of the world around them at an earlier age, and this past election proved that even younger kids are paying attention — which is why the Trump administration’s latest moves are pretty disturbing.

Yesterday, the Trump administration celebrated Easter by hosting the annual White House Easter egg roll. However, not even being surrounded by children can stop Trump and his team from being vile human beings. Trump shocked the nation by getting into a confrontation with CNN’s Jim Acosta — right in front of the children. But unfortunately, that’s not even all of the madness. Trump’s most annoying mouthpiece, advisor Kellyanne Conway, did something even worse.

Like a true villain, Conway went out of her way to take a classless swipe at Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton — and she used the children as props for her insult. Speaking to the children and pointing to the White House, Conway asked the kids, “Do you know who lives there? You? Maybe one day.” Then she said:

Girls, we left open the first female president of the United States job, if you want it. I hope it comes in this generation.”

It is absolutely disgusting for Conway to try to paint the Trump administration as a team that cares about empowering girls, when it works every day with the GOP to strip them of their rights. Conway has helped a misogynist and sexual predator win the election and continues to defend his horrendous behavior toward women. How dare she try to paint Trump’s (undeserved) election win as a positive thing for young girls, all while trashing a candidate who truly would have paved the way for them and advanced women’s rights. Kellyanne is a monster for this, and her time in the Trump administration will stain her resume for the rest of her life.

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